Michael Twardowski

Some excerpts from my recent 360 review:

C-Level Managers

“Mike has a good grasp of the business, strong understanding of the key numbers/metrics, ability to accurately anticipate the perspective that his partners will have on a particular concept, strong relationships, readily shares the success of his team and gives credit to them, and stays focused on goals/deliverables.”

“Mike just gets it done. He manages a lot of clients and whatever the task - price increases, creative approvals, having the tough conversations - Mike & his team have a calm way of effectively delivering. He works hard and has great attention to detail. Always upbeat, brings a positive outlook to the business.”

Direct Reports

"Mike is great at connecting the company's vision/goals to our team’s daily tasks; this helps to validate our teams contribution and provides encouragement."

"Mike will always put his team first to recognize achievements big or small; he is all about building up his team to keep morale strong."

"Mike cares about his teams development giving us opportunities to lead high profile projects which challenges us and at the same time gets us a seat at the table where our voices are being heard."

"Mike is a genuine person that shows a real interest in his team. He works hard to make a team that is in two different locations come together as one."

"Mike is very well regarded in the company and this allows him to influence across levels and departments."


"Mike is very knowledgeable of the business and always has a positive outlook. He works well with both internal and external customers, creating trust and building strong partnerships."

"Mike has excellent analytical and writing skills. He uses data to formulate a position and is effective at communicating that data to influence others. He develops great presentations."

"Mike's greatest strengths are his deep understanding of our business well beyond partner relationships, great attitude where no challenge is doomed before it starts, and his ability to deliver on the high goals he sets."

"Mike is always looking for ways to improve the business. He is a creative analytical thinker."

"Mike is a genuinely nice person who treats others with respect."


"Michael is a very hard worker. He is extremely respectful of his team as well as me as a business partner. Michael sees the bigger picture for both HomeServe and our company."

"Michael is friendly, outgoing and represents the HomeServe brand well. He is customer focused, forward thinking and a good listener. He is responsive, and anticipates our company needs."