Developing new presentation materials

Over the years, I had become enamored with presentations and the best way to get my message across. But I'm finding that the impact of powerpoint presentations is diminishing - even with the best practices in place. I'm re-focusing my energy on materials that spark a conversation rather than packing a presentation with information. The latter satisfies my needs, but not those of my audience. 

Re-designing this site

A new look for this site is way overdue. Still trying to figure out what other relevant content I can share? I welcome suggestions. 

Helping my Dad with a blog.

My Dad falls into the category of 'will never stop working, even if he can'. His body isn't cooperating as much with his mind these days, so I've helped him start a blog. As a building inspector with 40+ years experience, he has a massive amount of information to share with new and current homeowners, and this gives him an outlet. It also lets me build on my digital skills with a hands-on product.

Reading some new books

Right now, I've been trying some auto-biographies. I've always tried to read books where I could learn things, such as new marketing and management techniques. But I'm finding autobiographies of great people to be just as educational. Ones I'm enjoying right now are the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson and Walt Disney by Neal Gabler.

Getting back to travel

I enjoyed the break during the height of the pandemic, but came to miss the time on the road speaking with people in-person. Not to mention my dwindling airline status. Video calls can be great and appropriate, but those in-person visits produce discussions and connections which just can't be duplicated. Am heading to Kansas City, MO and San Diego, CA next.

What I'm doing (right) now:

Michael Twardowski